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Pointing the way.

Being faced with the enormous market power of the big petroleum companies it is important to call attention again and again to a sustainable, flexible and cheap way of driving for now and for the future.gibgas consulting – media is initiating and is being involved in every phase of such projects and is giving important impulses for the market and the mobility of CNG vehicles, even abroad.

CNG-Club e.V. – the strong voice of CNG mobility

The sustainable and forward-looking compressed natural gas technology falls far short of its potential. Gibgas consulting – medien was the driving force in initiating the CNG-Club and is now partner of this non-profit organisation.

The CNG-Club supports the concerns of CNG drivers. It is the network, platform and mouthpiece for all members and market partners.

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The  CNG brand – one sign for whole Europe!

Worldwide the official name of natural gas for vehicles is CNG (Compressed natural gas). This neutral term combines everything that makes this 130 octane fuel so precious and sustainable: Biomethane (made of waste), natural gas from fossile sources and methane by clean power-to-gas. Also 2% of hydrogen can be contained. 3 renewable and 1 fossile source.

That is the reason why gibgas consulting – medien introduced this new brand. Successfully – Now at the instigation of the European Commission a european standardized fuel sign is going to be established. A hash mark with the lettering CNG. In Germany it can be found in the DIN 16942.

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CNG-App for Europe

The printed atlas for filling stations in Germany and Europe was a milestone. In the era of internet and mobile communication gibgas consulting – medien launched the CNG-App for Europe. It is convenient to use, up-to-date and Europe-wide instead of a single solution for each country. The app is working on- and offline, includes a route planner, actual information regarding the state and numerous filtering functions. At the moment the app contains 34 countries and 5 languages.

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International NGV drivers day

Originated as world record bid by the Stadtwerke Lünen and prominent sponsors in the year 2004. Under the direction of MITGAS it became the „Internationale Erdgasfahrtag“ in 2005. Since the year 2006 gibgas in charge of the organisation.

The „Erdgasfahrertag“ has 2 purposes. It is a warm thank you to the community of CNG drivers and on the other hand it is a information platform for people who are interesed in CNG mobilty.

Gibgas has developed a license concept to organize such days in cooperation with interested sponsors. Until today 7 of these events took place.

By restructuring the activities the project is transferred from gibgas consulting – medien to the CNG-Club e. V.

800 Erdgastankstellen in 80 Tagen!

Rainer Zietlow already caused sensation with his EcoFuel World Tour and EcoFuel Asia Tour. With gibgas as partner he started the 800-CNG-Tour thrue Germany with his Volkswagen Passat TSI EcoFuel in 2009.

He visited more than 800 CNG stations within 80 days to show up that there is a nationwide coverage of CNG stations. Prominent sponsors like Allianz, AvD, Volkswagen, IEK Deutschland, Navteq, Continental and many more supported the project. The journey started in the south of Bavaria and ended in Sylt, an island in the North Sea were the Passat was presented at the exhibition stand for CNG cars at the AMI (Auto mobil international).