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The core team of gibgas consulting – medien are Birgit Maria Wöber and Thomas Wöber, with CNG as conviction. Specialized in only one fuel and with full commitment.

Birgit Maria Wöber

Entrepreneur in the service sector, with 15 years of experience in the media business as a pioneer in digital media. Riding on CNG (biomethane and natural gas) since 1997. Initiator of the non-profit CNG-Club e. V. (lobby group, network and federation) and of a transnational CNG brand for a better marketing. Birgit Maria Wöber is also co-founder, manager and front woman of gibgas, responsible for print, online and social media.

Thomas Wöber

Years of experience in the area of energy supply and consulting. Great expertise in the marketing of car trade. Trainings for driving school instructors. Accompanied the marked introduction of CNG vehicles in the 1994 to 1997 hired at a gas supplier. Participation at a long-term CNG project in Augsburg  (1998). Thomas Wöber is co-founder and manager responsible for consulting, marketing and strategic planning.

In cooperation with specialized consultants in the automotive sector and energy supply gibgas consulting – medien offers comprehensive services and sound knowledge in CNG mobility.