Projekt management

Leadership, support, conduction and surveillance of projects:
  • Investment / Building of new business fields
  • Creation (care of compagnes)
  • Concepts, organisation
  • Planning & Realisation, POS Support, Public Relation
  • Development & Ongoing campaign support ("Bayern gibt Gas!" und "Initiativkreis Thüringen")

Development of pragmatic marketing concepts & strategies:
  • Local, regional & nationwide marketing

Realisation of market communication/marketing:
  • Develop, preparation and realisation of marketing campaigns, concepts, public relation, consumer promotion, end user information
  • Planning, organisation, and realisation of events
  • Planning, organisation, and realisation of customized broschures, e.g. our end user brochure: "Driving with compressed natural gas - easy!"
  • Realisation of potential analysis regional target groups, survey of Buyers Intentions
  • Product launch, ongoing accompaniment/support to the automotive industry